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About me

I am currently a researcher and scientific applications analyst at SciNet, the University of Toronto’s supercomputing centre. I am also a GPU specialist for SOSCIP, a Southern Ontario R&D consortium bringing advanced computing technologies and expertise to industry-academia partnerships. My background is in physics and astrophysics, and my passion is applying computational techniques to scientific problems, through programming and visualization. My research is in theoretical and computational astrophysics. In particular I focus on how stars interact with each other gravitationally in many-body systems, and how this shapes our universe. Read more about my research here.

The main tool I use is (naturally) a computer. I write code mainly in the C++ and Python programming languages, using parallel computing principles and GPU accelerators. I also do front-end interfaces occasionally with modern web frameworks.

My home is in Toronto. I settled here after having worked as a postdoc at Eötvös Loránd University in Budapest, prior to that I was a Kavli Fellow at Peking University. My Ph. D. in physics is from the Technion in Haifa.

I am also interested in planetary science and some topics in biology and paleontology. Other than science, I have many other interests including history, geopolitics, languages, travel, and food/cooking. I am a big fan of Wikipedia (please consider a donation), and an advocate of Linux and other Free and Open Source Software, open standards, and open hardware. My operating system of choice is Arch Linux.


The best way to get in touch is by emailing yohai аt meiron.org.